Our End State: Provide a swift and completely turnkey solution to safeguard the public and regain control of our country during the COVID-19 pandemic.

The Issue: COVID-19 is currently the greatest threat to our Nation’s public health and to our national security. 

  • COVID-19 now ranks as the second-worst pandemic in United States history. 
  • Since the start of the pandemic, the U.S. has experienced a total of 13M positive cases and over 264K deaths.
    An increase in cases along with changing seasons is a cause of great concern to public safety. 
  • As of Saturday 11/28/2020, in the past 14 days the U.S. has witnessed a 42% increase in positive COVID-19 cases, a 61% increase in COVID-19 related deaths, and a 48% increase in COVID-19 hospitalizations. 

The Pandemic Solution: A collaborative effort as a country to establish and execute the finest forms of detection, containment, and treatment.

Our Innovative Approach to Crisis Resolution: Working together with strong community leaders across the nation, we capitalize on the first line of defense: detection. First, our team provides all products and services at no cost to the public. We then rapidly deploy the highest quality of detection equipment to communities and deliver the best in class end-to-end solution. We possess a relationship in the next lines of defense: containment and treatment. In establishing a nation-wide network of strategically placed collection sites, our early detection leads to early containment. With strong community partnerships and a steady influx of top-tier supplies for wide-scale testing, we assist one another in the early notification process and contact tracing. This ultimately translates to immediately saving lives and the creation of a more stable and controlled environment within our communities. Once the COVID-19 vaccine is readily available to the public, our interconnected relationship with Operation Warp Speed, community partnerships, and our vast strategic network, allows for the swiftest and most efficient distribution to all Americans. Approaching this as a cohesive effort, together, we can and will save lives, and bring an end to this crisis.

All tests are FDA approved and performed in a CLIA Certified High Complexity Laboratory utilizing the most cutting edge technology;

- 99.8% Accurate atIdentifying SARS-Cov-2 Virus
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  • No Cost to OrganizationsNo Cost to Patients. Our focus is saving American lives. We provide all supplies, personnel, and logistics at no charge by operating 100% with support from the CARES Act.

  • Best in Class Tests: The American people deserve the best COVID-19 test available. We provide the most sensitive FDA-authorized COVID-19 test providing electronic results within 12-24 hours. This test is 300% more sensitive than the second leading test. We use the SynergyDB  test which provides the lowest limit of detection LoD levels, capable of detecting the most trace amount of the COVID-19 virus, making the probability of a "False Negative" almost statistically impossible. By utilizing our proprietary test, this will provide the earliest detection rate to a community, leading to earlier notifications and earlier self-quarantining. Our superior test detects and differentiates SARS-CoV-2, influenza A, influenza B, and RSV in a single sample. This, ultimately, leads to lowering the transmission of the COVID-19 virus, lowering hospitalizations, and most importantly, saving lives.

  • Adequate Supplies, Professional Oversight, and High Capacity Versatile Test SitesWe have the ability to expeditiously produce and continually provide support to our nation-wide effort. Expertise in technology and workflows provided by our PerkinElmer network allows for the elimination of bottlenecks and the distribution of millions of tests per week. Our extensive network allows us to embed licensed health care providers at all sites. We have strategically placed curbside collections, along with drive-thru sites and walk-in clinics all capable of conducting over 5000 collections per site per day.

  • Nation-wide Reach: We are partnered with experts in the fields of logistics and supply chain management. These powerful partnerships make all sites across America within easy reach. Our partners include: Airware, LLC, a leading expert in logistics management operating at airports across the country. Amazon, the leading experts in the field of supply chain management.

  • Veteran Task Force: Our duty to our country does not expire upon separating from the military. Our veteran community has experience operating in the most hostile and austere environments. Our collective experience in rapidly deploying in support of contingency operations transfers to the present day in safeguarding our country. Already in place in your communities, our mobilized veteran teams stand ready to serve you. Energetically we are meeting this crisis head-on, and, rest assured, our mission will not end until all of America is safe.

  • Leaders in the Communities: As a leader, you are the most important piece in the solution. Without collaboration and support between community leaders and J2R VETS, none of the above services providing the American people with free testing will be effective. Ultimately, working together as a cohesive whole we will save lives and heal our ailing nation. 

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