WIFI Upgrade, Design, Install and Monitoring

WIFI Upgrade, Design, Install and Monitoring

J2R VETS is a leading solutions provider of digital-ready technology infrastructure and full-cycle managed services. With deep experience in delivering world-class infrastructure technology services, we enable enterprises on a global scale to grow strategically.

Staying current with technology innovations is essential. We simplify network transformation minimizing the disruption to your business. Our network transformation service spans from ideation and assessment, through implementation and review of business outcomes on a transformed, sustainable network.

J2R VETS is your trusted partner through the entire process of network transformation.

Our experts replace aging wifi infrastructure with energy efficient and security compliant mesh AP devices to include labor, materials, software, licenses, cloud management and report capabilities. Our dashboards show rate limits, number of people, and speed. Our teams design and configure AP devices in multiple rooftops, campus-styled facilities and municipalities.

Our consulting team has industry’s best certifications, experience and expertise. Performance includes Multi-Campus Infrastructure Refresh – LAN, WAN and WLAN, High-density Wireless Deployment in a large stadiums and constant WIFI commissioning in large public spaces and buildings. 

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