Education and Training

Education and Training

J2R VETS, LLC, specializes in all phases of training and messaging for Government agencies. We offer professional delivery of high concept multi-media including: budgeting, designing, production, scripting, and strategy. Analytical and psychology based multimedia messaging across all social, public, private digital media channels, and in-person residential training.

As proven experts in the field, we excel at inspiring light bulb moments - eliciting specific emotional responses and driving the decision-making process of demographically targeted viewing audiences. Our educational productions include live action, true-to-form scenarios with “real people” and Oscar and Emmy winning actors for added influence and effect.


  • Key Personnel support experience at OPM, HHS/AHRQ, VHA, and FDA:
  • Developed and staff specialized presentation requirements for seminar modules at agencies request.
  • Produced, written and directed commercials for Coke, AT&T, UPS, Maxxis Tires
  • Produced feature films with Oscar and Emmy winning casts with a net profit of 25 million
  • Client first mentality - we work with and for you
  • Educational web portals, mobile (iPhone / Android), and game apps for consumers
  • Secured private network apps for member organizations
  • Seamless integration with existing team members and technology

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Full Cycle Media and Digital Delivery Services:


  • National Human Trafficking Intelligence Center 
    The National Human Trafficking Intelligence Center offers an education and certification program designed to fight human trafficking and save lives. We utilize online media, documentary films and expert seminars to educate organizations about this growing crisis affecting our youth, schools, communities, businesses and institutions.


  • AHRQ Health TV (HHS)
    Blood Thinners: Staying Active and Healthy. Addresses concerns and answers questions you may have about taking a blood-thinning drug, like Warfarin. Introduces a strategy for incorporating your blood thinner medication into your daily life.

  • The Way of War  
    Cinema Movie: A paramilitary operative goes on a rampage after discovering a conspiracy to commit war featuring Cuba Gooding Jr.

  • Fatwa 
    Cinema Movie: In the midst of a personal crisis, junior senator Maggie Davidson (Holly) ascertains that she's the subject of a terrorist plot.