Service Portfolio

We team, sub, prime and joint venture on diversity, set-aside, direct and sole sourced opportunities.

Our skilled staffing and recruiting team specializes in filling positions within IT, Medical, and Construction sectors, handling contracts requiring up to TS SCI clearance. We are committed to helping you achieve your objectives and reduce costs by efficiently staffing challenging roles. Our services encompass direct hire, contract-to-perm, and contractor placements, catering to opportunities within the continental U.S. (CONUS) and outside (OCONUS).

Our Facility Security Officer (FSO) assistant program provides the essential support your organization requires to adhere to the National Industrial Security Program Operating Manual (NISPOM), Director of Central Intelligence Directives (DCIDs), and National Industrial Security System (NCAISS/NISS-DCSA) standards for Facility Clearance Level compliance, along with National Background Investigation Services (NBIS) systems. With a track record of over 20 years, we offer extensive experience in managing Facility and Personnel Clearance Levels (FCL, PCL) up to top-secret and compartmentalized information for government contractors.

Our past performance includes distributing wheelchair vans and adaptive equipment across all 21 Veterans Integrated Service Networks and 152 Veterans Affairs Medical Centers, utilizing VA forms 10-1394 and 21-4502. Our capabilities encompass the procurement of wheelchair vans and the installation of new ramp conversions. Our track record features the successful placement of FSS BPA and NAC contracts, enabling sales to all VA prosthetic departments throughout the United States and Puerto Rico.

Evaluating military resources requires a combination of archaeological skills and the ability to locate and investigate obscure archival documents. Military archeological sites involve comprehensive evaluation within a complex political and social context. Our past performance includes research on military sites, providing interpretive context used to assess and mitigate recovery and visual and auditory comprehensive story telling.

Our managed services and regulatory compliance solutions leverage top-tier, security-cleared professionals and state-of-the-art technology, available for remote or onsite delivery. Your systems will face scrutiny from both cybercriminals and government entities. Federal, state, and local mandates require system testing to shield your network from cyber threats. Non-adherence in regulated sectors can result in substantial fines. Let us handle your cybersecurity needs, allowing you to concentrate on your core business operations.

We provide comprehensive training and messaging services for government agencies, encompassing all aspects from budgeting and design to production, scripting, and strategic planning. Our professional delivery includes high-concept multimedia, leveraging analytical and psychological approaches across various channels, including social, public, and private digital media, as well as in-person residential training. With over 25 years of experience, our subject matter experts' track record includes delivering federal executive training to senior government officials, demonstrating our expertise and commitment to excellence.

Education and certification program designed to fight human trafficking and save lives. Our past performance includes training Federal executives for three decades on varied policy topics. Our teams are currently training federal departments and agencies on the statutory basis and federal responsibilities associated with eliminating the confusion between immigration issues and the dark realities of human trafficking occurring throughout the United States.

Our nonprofit management services are designed to serve as the strategic cornerstone for a wide range of nonprofit organizations, enabling them to fulfill their missions with enhanced efficiency and groundbreaking innovation. Central to our ethos is a collaborative methodology, where our adept team engages closely with nonprofit leaders to pinpoint challenges, devise tailored strategies, and execute solutions that create growth and magnify impact. We take pride in showcasing our esteemed client, the Veterans Housing Foundation, as a testament to our commitment to empowering organizations to make a significant difference.

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